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Race - on, an Asia-based company, giving customers the most complete and innovative motorsport product range available worldwide since 2005. Our dealerships with different well-know brands worldwide, including - Alpinestars, Sparco, OMP, Bell, Stilo, Schroth Racing, Simpson, Coolshirt and many more. So, no matter what's your discipline in motorsports, we could help drive you to realize your motorsport ambitions.

Our headquarter based in Taiwan, with the rapid growth of development, our company provides comfortable and relaxing showrooms in different regions in Asia Pacific, including - Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, where customers can have professional and unforgettable shopping experience with us. 

We always heard your voice. While you felt bored with your gears in standard style:

We established our in-house design team in 2017 - RC Custom, providing distinguish helmet paint design and motorsports gear customization services to all motorsports drivers.  We collaborated with different brands, including Sparco and Alpinestars in expressing our team creativity by customizing a suit, a pair of shoes or gloves with graphics printed. 

Our own painting workshop allows us to design, create and produce a unique helmet for clients whilst meeting their specific requirements in their design to make it a personal project for every client. 

Our commitment to support you with the professional advices, high quality product and all of the motorsports related knowledge never change. Whether you purchase in our showrooms in different regions, we will always strive to give you all of the information you need to choose the best product for your chosen discipline or sports.

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